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Born in Liverpool in 1960, I have been interested in Natural History ever since I can remember. From an early age I have been trying to paint the birds and animals that I saw on walks through the local fields and woods. I graduated in 1984 with a BA (hons) degree in illustration and from that date onwards I have been freelancing as a Wildlife Artist I work mainly in Watercolours but also use Pen and Ink, Scraperboard and Coloured Pencil. I have also recently started painting in Oils which I am finding great fun.

Guanaco portrait, Watercolour

I specialise in paintings of birds based on sketches and observations made in and around my 'local patch', Merseyside. I am fortunate that there are many excellent areas for working on my pictures in the local area. The Mersey Estuary for example, holds large flocks of winter Teal, Pintail and Shelduck as well as large numbers of waders. A favourite spot is Seaforth where Little Gulls are a speciality...although you never quite know what will turn up there. The same can be said of Hilbre Island which is a magical place and a special favourite.

Although I was born and brought up in Merseyside I am half Italian and love nothing more than spending time over in Italy. The wildlife is completely different there and it is not unusual to spot birds such as a Red-backed Shrike when putting the rubbish out. Each day is full of inspiration and subject matter for paintings.

As well as Italy, I have also recently been lucky
enough to spend some time in the Xavia area of Spain which again is a beautiful place with plenty of interesting Mediterranean wildlife.

In 1999 I was invited to do the artwork for Chester Zoo and since then they have become a major client. The illustrative work I do for the Zoo is very varied - one day I could be working with Leaf-cutter Ants, the next with Black Rhinos or Amur Tigers. It is certainly a privilege to be able to work with such creatures. Recent projects have included 'Elephants of the Asian Forest' and 'The Secret World of the Okapi'.